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About Intervene Medical

Intervene Medical is proudly an Australian owned and operated company with a long history.

The roots of Intervene Medical can be traced back to the company Medical Vision Australia (1998). After having been successfully in business over 17 years, Medical Vision Australia was acquired by LifeHealthcare in 2015, to create a new business unit, the Endovascular and Respiratory Technologies Division. In 2021, following a management buyout of the Endovascular and Respiratory Technologies Division, Intervene Medical was established, carrying on the same products and services under a new banner.

Intervene Medical is delivering the latest innovations in medical technology from leading International Cardiac, Vascular, and Pulmonology suppliers and manufacturers. Together with highly experienced and trained sales/support staff, our team is determined to provide unrivalled support and service.

We at Intervene Medical recognize the importance of individualised patient care and are guided by our commitment to leadership and continual improvement. Our Team’s commitment to our mission and our corporate partners, the healthcare and research institutions we serve, and the governing bodies we adhere to, enables us to maintain a presence that is defined by quality and tradition, continuously advancing the standard of care for our Doctors and Healthcare Professionals. This will be the hallmark of Intervene Medical for years to come.

Adham Kabbara

Managing Director

managing director Adham Kabbara